A pioneering new approach to industry standard

We are an agile and innovative organisation committed to truly impacting the environment in a positive manner by using the latest technology to build better. We provide an unrivalled approach to the design and manufacture of products for infrastructure.

To revolutionise the built environment through precision engineered techniques for the creation of carbon negative infrastructure that impacts communities positively for future generations

Our core values

We believe businesses can build better and do better for the environment and future generations.


Innovation is at the core of our values. We use modern methods of construction to deliver cost-efficient world-class products.


We know the time is now to make a positive impact on our environment. We are invested in new ways of working and construction to drive positive change.


We love what we do and we are continuously improving our culture to make UBI a diverse and inclusive organisation for our employees , customers and delivery partners.


We are committed to new skills, local growth and changing perceptions to improve the industry we work within and the enviroment we impact.

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Our Team

Ross Chipperfield

UBI was founded in October 2023 after months and months of development alongside industry technical expertise to launch into the market as the only truly manufactured building system. 

Our founder, Ross, spent the majority of his career in quality assurance processes in domestic and overseas defence markets before joining the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), part of the Warwick Manufacturing Group, with the sole purpose of bringing manufacturing processes into the construction sector.

He recognised that buildings for commercial and domestic use were being built in a factory space and then transported to site but this is not embedding the true, lean principles of manufacturing that help to achieve high productivity and low carbon. This was where the journey began.

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Our Managing Director, Charlie, has spent his career previously in a major UK Tier 1 contractor working on projects such as Crossrail, HS2 and with clients across the transport sector. Building a consultancy team for delivering industry change and innovation, his teams have delivered game changer projects across digital transformation, carbon management and, construction program enablement. 

Seeing the opportunity to revolutionize productivity in the sector and position construction as an economic enabler for society, Ross and Charlie are partnered to grow UBI in the UK and export globally.

The combination of expertise and drive for achieving our mission impact statement, to transform the building sector, is delivering the step change in construction needed to deliver more for less whilst reducing our impact on our planet.

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Modern method of construction in action

Our solutions offers exceptional flexibility in its product design, enabling a wide range of installation options. Explore some of our most common installation use cases designed to enhance building protection and much more.

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