Productivity Unlocked: UBI

Starting with the Why? At UBI, our mission statement is to solve the building stock cost, productivity and energy crisis. Our solution is 97% more energy efficient, 90%+ cheaper and drives an 81% improvement in productivity.   Setting the scene The UK and Europe is facing an existential productivity crisis trading off an aging population with […]

The process of retrofitting your deteriorating buildings with UBI Shell

In the UK, deteriorating buildings are a growing concern due to ageing infrastructure, environmental stressors such as increased rainfall and flooding, and the urgent need for energy efficiency to combat rising heating costs and carbon footprints. UBI Shell emerges as a pioneering solution offering an alternative to traditional construction methods. With its emphasis on cost […]

UBI Space or current, conventional construction methods – which is the best solution for you?

When embarking on construction of a new building, the default approach often leans towards traditional construction methods. These conventional techniques, while familiar, come with significant disadvantages: they’re costly, time-consuming, harmful to the environment, and can lack the flexibility to adapt to your unique situation. However, the landscape of construction is evolving with new, modern techniques […]

Railway organizations – Three Key Stages towards Achieving Net Zero Emissions

With transportation accounting for a significant portion of global carbon emissions, as reported by the International Energy Agency, the urgent need for achieving net-zero mobility is now a paramount global challenge. COP26 has galvanized discussions within the railway industry and beyond. Time is of the essence, and as a pivotal player in the future of […]

Why You Need Retrofit Solutions

In the face of unprecedented environmental and climate challenges, the United Kingdom is confronted with a dual dilemma: aging, energy-guzzling structures and the urgent need for sustainable solutions. Amidst this scenario, retrofitting existing infrastructure emerges as a pragmatic and modern remedy that not only addresses these pressing issues but also paves the way for a […]