Network Rail’s CP7 and UBI Shells as an ideal solution

Network Rail, the authority managing Britain’s rail infrastructure, oversees an extensive array of assets critical to the nation’s transportation network. This includes over 2,500 stations, of which 443 are listed and 390 are over 120 years old, 100 Light Maintenance Depots (LMDs), 18,000 lineside buildings, and 750 Signal Boxes, covering a combined roof area of […]

Railway organizations – Three Key Stages towards Achieving Net Zero Emissions

With transportation accounting for a significant portion of global carbon emissions, as reported by the International Energy Agency, the urgent need for achieving net-zero mobility is now a paramount global challenge. COP26 has galvanized discussions within the railway industry and beyond. Time is of the essence, and as a pivotal player in the future of […]

Why You Need Retrofit Solutions

In the face of unprecedented environmental and climate challenges, the United Kingdom is confronted with a dual dilemma: aging, energy-guzzling structures and the urgent need for sustainable solutions. Amidst this scenario, retrofitting existing infrastructure emerges as a pragmatic and modern remedy that not only addresses these pressing issues but also paves the way for a […]