How railway asset owners can save millions and decarbonise their estate over 4 years with UBI Shell


February 23, 2024

The UK railway faces a significant challenge for upgrading its decaying assets to meet legally binding  energy efficiency targets, reduce associated carbon and adapt to increasing extreme weather events that makes buildings unsafe and susceptible to fire. Rebuilding these assets is expensive, time consuming and carbon intensive following current methods. As a result, many of these out of date buildings continue to deteriorate, leading to escalating maintenance, running and renewal costs.

UBI Shell offers a sustainable and cost-efficient solution to enable owners to take control of their modernisation of assets and meet demanding environmental targets. With a lead time of 6 weeks and an onsite assembly time of 2 days, UBI Shell brings new life to ageing infrastructure at a fraction of the cost to significantly boost their resilience and prolong their lifespan by 60+ years. The precision engineered, panelised solution presents a comprehensive solution for infrastructure owners to achieve a future proofed estate.

Baselining the improvements

Based on real world asset performance data, baselines have been established with the significant gains mapped against these to demonstrate the improvements. Measurable benefits have been identified that prove the business case.


  • Average lineside building replacement cost currently at £2.2m.
  • Baseline energy costs for the heating and cooling of lineside buildings – not covering operational infrastructure housed in the building.
  • Similar locations monitored.
  • Inflation of 5% Year on Year (YoY).
  • Carbon coefficient 0.23314 of energy consumed.
  • 15-18 degrees Celsius (59-64.4 degrees Fahrenheit) is generally considered a comfortable and mild temperature range


  • Based on monitoring data from commissioned buildings.
  • Scaled to multiple buildings to reflect the impact at scale.
  • Baseline data applied for comparison.
  • Cumulative savings over a 4 year period determined.

Measurable benefits that can be realised

After establishing our methodologies and assumptions, two scenarios have been established to assess the advantages and value of upgrading facilities with UBI Shell in comparison to current practices. The outcomes demonstrate evidence of the need to change methods of construction to overcome the challenging environmental factors minimising waste whilst improving productivity of the workforce to deliver better value from investment. 

Outcomes driven

By investing in UBI Shell to upgrade assets, there is the possibility to reduce building energy costs by 97%, deliver on net zero emissions 2050, achieve productivity leaps and save nearly 93% on cost per building. 

The carbon saved alone across 200 buildings over a 4 year period is equivalent to 24,000 commercial flight hours, or London to New York and back 1370 times. The energy efficiency is the equivalent to powering 1500 average sized homes for 4 years.

UBI Shell showcases a leap in building performance that is accessible to every asset owner through careful material selection and innovative, British and European standards compliant design. Want to hear more, get in touch at today.

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