UBI Space or current, conventional construction methods – which is the best solution for you?


March 6, 2024

When embarking on construction of a new building, the default approach often leans towards traditional construction methods. These conventional techniques, while familiar, come with significant disadvantages: they’re costly, time-consuming, harmful to the environment, and can lack the flexibility to adapt to your unique situation. However, the landscape of construction is evolving with new, modern techniques making it possible to be cost-efficient, sustainable, and fit to your requirements. Driving this significant shift in construction performance is UBI Space, a transformative, engineered solution that is reshaping the way we build structures.

Introducing the UBI Space

UBI Space represents a leap forward in construction technology, offering a novel approach that diverges from traditional methods. The structure is centred around a panelised design that can be rapidly assembled to have a new, thermally insulative, low embodied carbon space with the highest quality finish. This net zero solution encapsulates UBI’s design ethics to sustainability and cost-effectiveness, making a positive contribution to people and the planet, while complying with rigorous UK and EU building codes and regulations.

UBI space in action

UBI Space merges practicality with aesthetic appeal, designed not only for functionality but also to captivate with its visual elegance.

UBI Space vs traditional buildings

  • Energy Savings: UBI Space boasts an impressive minimum EPC rating of B by use of advanced insulation and energy management systems, which are seldom matched by conventional methods. Where traditional methods add material to achieve better energy performance, the simplified structural UBI Space panels are using less to give you more. Benchmarks from existing buildings show a 95%+ saving in energy consumption in comparison to current market practices. 
  • Cost Efficiency: Precision engineering, offsite manufacture and considerate design methods optimise the value for money of UBI Space. Traditional construction methods, with their reliance on labour-intensive processes and materials, typically incur higher costs due to longer construction times and the need for more resources, materials and rework. UBI Space’s streamlined process significantly reduces waste which is reflected by its price point in the market. Benchmarked against current best practice, UBI Space is achieving 85% cost saving which translates into substantial savings for your investment per building whilst providing the opportunity to get more out of the original funds put aside.  
  • Faster to build: UBI Space moves from conception to completion in just 6 weeks, with on-site assembly requiring only 2 days without the need for heavy machinery or specialised lifting equipment; a stark contrast to traditional methods. Conventional construction methods can take months to years, depending on the project’s complexity and size, largely due to the sequential nature of the work and the dependency on weather conditions.
  • Climate Resilient: UBI Space is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, from heavy rains to snow, heat waves to extreme gusts, offering a level of resilience that traditional buildings might not achieve without significant additional investment. Traditional construction materials and methods may not always meet these high standards of safety and durability without compromising cost or efficiency.
  • Flexible spaces: The panel system of UBI Space allows for easy disassembly and reassembly, offering a level of adaptability that traditional construction methods cannot match. Typically, once a traditional building is assembled, modifying its structure or relocating it is practically unfeasible without incurring substantial costs and efforts. UBI Space has a whole life design approach enabling reuse for dynamic environments.
  • Helping the Planet: Opting for the net zero UBI Space solution means making a sustainable choice that minimises your ecological and carbon footprint. In contrast to traditional, carbon intensive practices, UBI prioritises sustainable design and minimised habitat disruption to work with the natural environment around it. 

Is UBI Space always the right solution?

Transparency is key in making informed decisions, and it’s important to recognize situations where UBI Space may not be the best fit. The system’s design, optimised for heights up to 6 metres, will not currently allow for stacking/multi floor buildings. Understanding these limitations ensures that UBI Space is employed where it can truly excel.


UBI Space is a leading example of how innovation can reshape the construction landscape, offering a robust, efficient, and sustainable alternative to traditional building methods. As we look to the future of construction, the UBI Space offers a glimpse into the potential for smarter, greener, and more adaptable building solutions. 

Are you interested in learning if UBI space is the right solution for you? Get in touch at info@ubi.eco today!

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