Infrastructure and utilities

Resilient and cost-effective new modern method of construction low carbon footprint.

Current infrastructure problems

Combine the best of both worlds – pragmatic, eco-friendly, and visually appealing UBI constructions that solve current infrastructure issues.

Environmental and climate changes (need for weather proof and wildlife proof)

Failure of the buildings result in unreliable service 

Dilapidated buildings – Decay

Disparity between the remaining life of the housed kit and the building

Lack of money, out of date process limiting value for money and productivity 

Historic lack of investment / care / interest in the portfolio

Energy hungry – continuously heated or cooled to maintain constant internal temperature

UBI solves your challenges

  • No new money or additional investment

    UBI solutions are manufactured and designed to be cost-efficient.

  • No means to reduce energy consumption

    UBI constructions can help you achieve EPC rating B.

  • Lack of value in on-going maintenance 

    Regular maintenance is cost-efficient and will prolong the lifespan of the building.

  • Minimal supply chain 

    Our comprehensive network will deliver UBI solutions quickly and the assembly requires 3-4 people without the use of heavy machinery.

UBI custom solutions for your needs

Take a look at the wide range of features and benefits UBI constructions offers.

Get up quickly
Customized installation
Plug & play

Configure your building today

Configure your design with us to help you realise the benefits of working with UBI.

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